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Saturday, March 7, 2009

When the Irish eyes are sprakling

I read a really good book this week while I was bored and sitting in my hotel room in Germany. When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling
By: Tom Collins and Thirteen. I was hooked once I started reaading this book I could not put it down. we meet Liam OShaughnessy wasn't expecting to fall in love again, not so soon after yet another artful break up. Then Oliver Sutton, paramedic in training, walked into his Aunt's Irish Pub, and shocked Liam's wounded heart back to life. The fiery eyes were irresistible; the magnetic draw between them was undeniable, but the man himself was an enigma. Still, Oliver had much to teach Liam, and Liam was a very willing pupil. Oliver Sutton only expected to have a brief, summer fling with Liam OShaughnessy, but as the young waiter eagerly learned all about gay sexual pleasure, Oliver felt less and less willing to give him up. Yet Oliver knew the relationship could not last. Sooner or later, Liam would come to know Olivers other, less civilized self, and that would be the end. Unbeknownst to Oliver, however, Liam, too, had another self, one he also was keeping secret: his twin. 

This book has everything love, emotion, joy and anger. I feel in love with both characters and all the others that taged along. Oliver has a hard time opening up were Liam has no problem letting Oliver in to his world family and most of all his heart. This was a very good book.

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