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Sunday, June 28, 2009

What A Week

This week as been a roller coaster it started out very good with me reading a few books that were awesome. GA Hauser has done it again with her new book Calling Doctor Love that can be purchased on Allromanceebook.com. In all the books that I have Mrs. Hauser I can say by far that this one will be my favorite, the serious undertone of the book just gets you when you read about these two characters. GA has a way of pulling you into her world when she writes and with Calling Doctor Love she does just that. Another book that I read this week was By Sean Michael it is a part of his Hammer Novel that can be purchase on Torqure.com. Found is another of his BDSM series, I am a sucker these types of book not because of all the hot ass spankings but because of the problems that each character brings, Montana character is flawed but Billy his master wants him as he is. Among other books that I have read over the Desire for Dearborne By V.B. Kildaire this is a new author for me and I must say that I absolutely enjoyed this book it is another series that Dreamspinner press is starting.

On a sad note on of my favorite musician has died, Micheal Jackson I cannot believe it. Like many others at time we loved him and at times we hated him, at times we adored him, and at times we were ashamed of him but most of all we loved him. I loved his songs and his dancing most artist aspired to be like him and most people aspired to be him. I pray for his family and most of all his children because above him being a performer he was a father, a brother, and a child. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

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